Node Isolation Theory*
and the
Eye-Zone Differential Technique*

Node Isolation Theory posits that some trauma targets--especially in complex trauma and dissociation--are "undiffereniated" or multi-layered, possibly reflecting the activation of multiple trauma nodes or ego states. Processing (phase 4) becomes ineffient or ineffective, with problematic looping, blocking, confusion, dissociative "cross-talk" or rapid state shift. The strategies taught endeavor to isolate the node at the epicenter of the traumatic event.

This three-part strategy includes the Eye-Zone Differential Technique, a method for isolating the traumatic node with multiple titration and resourcing options for safe and efficient processing of highly disturbing material. My 2009 EMDRIA Conference workshop on this material can be obtained through Convention Media Solutions at the following link:

*Litt, B. (2009, August). Node isolation theory: The eye-zone differential technique. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the EMDR International Association, Atlanta, GA.

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